Estremoz Veined Marble

The Estremoz Veined Marble is a white coloured marble, with thin to medium grain and a well defined brownish / red coloured vein. It may present some occasional light pink / brown coloured areas.


The finishing that has given the most credit to Estremoz Veined Marble is the polished one, where it highlights its beautiful white colour and slight vein. It is also common to find other finishings such as honed, aged and bush-hammered


The Estremoz Veined Marble can be commonly found pretty much everywhere. It is common to find it in cladding, flooring with medium to high utilization, diverse stonework, coverings and interior decoration.

Estremoz Veined Marble
Compression strenght: 930 Kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 126 Kg/cm2; Porosity: 5,9%
Mármore Estremoz vergado com veios rosa
Estremoz Veined Marble with pink veins
Mármore Estremoz branco com veios azuis
Estremoz Veined Marble with blue veins
Mármore Estremoz branco com veios castanhos
Estremoz Veined Marble with brown veins

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Marble is a natural product, presented tonal variations, veining and textures between the pieces. The images shown are only demonstrative

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