Lioz Limestone

The Lioz Limestone is a beige coloured limestone, with irregular background and thin grain. It presents clear signs of fossils throughout its surface as well as a pinkish tone. In terms of hardness, this is considered a very hard limestone. Its main variations depend on the amount of fossils as well as colour variations.


Due to its hardness, the Lioz Limestone can be accept well a good range of finishings. Despite this, it is most common to find this stone in polished, honed, sandblasted, bush-hammered or even splited finishings.


The Lioz Limestone is n historical Portuguese natural stone that has been used for centuries on public buildings. Today, it is considered a fairly exclusive stone that can be found on decoration projects, cladding and others.

Churches, palaces, fountains, Jeronimos Monastery and the Belem Tower, but also the arches of the Palace Square, the Rossio Station or modern buildings such as the Pavilion of Knowledge. The whole city is a microcosm of using a rare stone, the limestone.

Mámores Poço bravo - Lioz Limestone
Compression strenght: 1050 kg/cm2; Bending strenght: 147 kg/cm2; Water absorption: 0.1%
The limestone is in Lisbon and its surroundings, especially in Sintra, having been the preferred stone in rebuilding Lisbon Pombal after the earthquake of 1755 In the time of King John V was considered the “real stone”, and was with limestone that became the Convent of Mafra. Below we present you three of the most common types of Lioz Limestone that are currently available in the market:
Mámores Poço bravo - Limestone Lioz
Lioz Limestone
Mármores do Poço Bravo - Lioz Limestone
Lioz Limestone
Mámores Poço bravo - Limestone Lioz Abancado
Lioz Limestone Abancado

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Limestone is a natural product, presented tonal variations, veining and textures between the pieces. The images shown are only demonstrative

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